Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC) Testimonials

The Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC) program has broadened and deepened my understanding of leadership. It has helped me to be more relevant to other leaders across the spectrum. Through this program, I have a greater appreciation of what success, leadership styles, organizational culture and conflict management are. I recommend ELC to others as it will stretch your thinking as well as your experience as a leader. For those aspiring to leadership, who are yet to discover and unleash their leadership potential, ELC provides a good and firm foundation plus an excellent incubator whether one is in the marketplace, in ministry or both.

Siwemukele Moyo Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

When I was invited to register for the Executive Leadership Coaching Program, I undermined the program thinking, I know it all. Unfortunately, LEADERSHIP and LEADERSHIP COACHING are totally different I had a way of leading the church and my business but, through the program, I realized I am not on the right path. If I knew what I know now, I would have made a great impact because I never had a structure in place. The program also helped me understand the difference between a LEADERSHIP COACH and a LEADERSHIP MENTOR. I have learned to be an agile navigator.  I recommend this program if you want to change your results even in your organization and avoid failure unforeseen or seen. This program helps you to know how to respond to different situations as a leader.

Tumelo Letswalo Mpumalanga, South Africa

Hello GILEAD. A Big Thank You! This program has been absolutely amazing and, as I reflect on the course, I can proudly say that it has changed the way I think as a leader. My self-management skills have enhanced and I developed effective communication skills to better initiate, lead and implement change, and also identify and work on my emotional intelligence. This program has also changed the way I see coaching and how to get the best out of those around me. I personally recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to grow as a leader. It provides you with a deeper insight into what leadership really is and how to successfully become a great and impactful leader. Master Coach AKM, Mrs N Mupfeka (NM), Coach Ruth K & Coach Sammy G – Thank you so much! You guys have been amazing and I have learned much from you all and will apply it.

Berenice Jacobs Cape Town, South Africa

Excel Leadership Coaching (XLC) Testimonials

I just want to say l have been transformed by the teachings of the leadership coaching program. I am also more than grateful that you got me a sponsor for the program. You don’t know me, but you sacrificed for me, and I am certain the impact of the program will not go unnoticed. l have learnt about the different styles of leadership and the wisdom to apply these in different situations. l have learnt about the importance of character in leadership and how its absence can derail my leadership journey. l have also learnt about how organisational direction hinges on good leadership. In short, any organization that I can lead will depend on my leadership abilities plus my ladder holders (support structure) if the organization is to succeed. As a leader l do not work for credit but rather to inspire and challenge, moving away from comfort zones. May God continue to use you through your programs. You are on earth for such a time as this. God bless you, and may your territory be enlarged, now and in the generations to come.

Brian Sinyolo Kariba, Zimbabwe

The Excel Leadership Coaching program has impacted my life tremendously. I had a burning desire to learn more about leadership but, unfortunately, I did not know where to start. Fortunately, the program presented me with a golden opportunity to learn. The program taught me what leadership is and what it is not. As an aspirant Bible Teacher, the program improved the content of my teachings. I used to struggle to give a teaching on Leadership. Before I enrolled on the program, the content of my teachings was shallow and too general but, through this program, I can now easily give in-depth knowledge about any topic related to leadership. Consequently, the program enabled me to make more impact. Read More

Knox Phombo Durban, South Africa

I’m now a changed person because of the coaching program. Mentally, I have learnt so much along the way and I have relearnt. My eyes are opened and I no longer have blinkers. I now understand more of what leadership is and how it works, be it in ministry or in the corporate world. I used to think small and was more of an island, but now I understand that one cannot go anywhere by herself, you need people along the way. You need ladder holders (a support system) who are always there to take you to greater heights – people who believe and trust in you no matter what. My thinking has changed a lot and I view life with a mind of a champion, not a locust. I have to dig deep to answer my own questions. I encourage more people to join the program. If more people join Excel Leadership Coaching Program, the world will be a better place with people who are goal-oriented

Cleopatra Gwanzura Harare, Zimbabwe

My enrollment into this program 6 months ago, for a paltry amount that I can’t even remember, has proved to be the wisest choice and the most valuable investment I have ever made. When I look at the knowledge I have gained, the growth in different dimensions I have experienced, and the hunger I have for even more growth, I am amazed at this program and the leaders behind it. The program has exposed me to interact with great minds that started as unsure as mine, now my eyes have been opened to a new world where I have learnt that success is a moving target and that it is measured not against one’s neighbour but against myself and my last performance. This program has taught me that leadership, business and all we do should be directed at helping people to be better, and this has led me to do the same as I deal with my children, family, subordinates and in ministry with more satisfying results. Read More 

Fisani Ngwenya Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Accelerated Incubation Masterclass (AIM) Testimonials

I would like to personally appreciate Master Coach AKM and Mrs Mupfeka for this Accelerated lncubation Masterclass program. These three sessions (so far) have enlightened me on how ignorant l was in business, and have stirred up a hunger in me to learn more. Many thanks to my fellow coachees for their contributions as well in this learning curve; my mind is opening up

Chipo Brits, South Africa

I don’t regret paying for this Accelerated Incubation Masterclass; it’s been 3 sessions only, and it feels like I have been studying for a year! Thank you so much Master Coach AKM and Mrs Mupfeka. The interactive sessions are so much helpful. This is what I have been looking for. I will never be the same. God bless you and cheers to Coach Ruth and my fellow coachees, I am learning a lot from you guys too

Izzy Johannesburg, South Africa

Sales, Innovation, Marketing and Strategy (SIMS) Testimonials

One of the best things to do in life is to seek more knowledge on how you can improve in business. The Sales Innovation, Marketing and Strategy (SIMS) Program offered by GILEAD Institute is truly amazing. I recommend this program to all that are into Sales.

Izzy Johannesburg, South Africa

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