What we offer

Leadership Mentoring Programs

Certified 5-Month Leadership Masterclass
– Laws of Leadership
– Team Dynamics
– Succession Planning
– Strategic and Financial Planning
– Organizational Culture

5 Month internationally accredited Advanced Leadership Certificate
– Organizational Leadership
– Conflict Management
– Innovation and Change
– Leadership
– Leading in Uncertain Times
– Futuring and Succession
– Introduction to Mentoring and Coaching

We have designed an exceptional program that will help leaders, not only survive but to lead effectively, excel and thrive even in times of crisis. The program is relevant for executive leaders, global leaders, market leaders, church/ministry leaders, political leaders, parents, youth leaders and everyone who seeks to make a notable difference during and beyond the current crisis.

Some of the modules include…

  • Leadership
  • Evaluation
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Strategic Alignment

This is a 3 month (12 weeks) program and it is fully certified

Email us at info@gileadinstitute.com or ruth@gileadinstitute.com for more information and to enroll

  • We also have the following Leadership Empowerment Initiatives:

    • Political Leaders Consultation

    • Non-Government/Non-Profit; Training + Consulting
    • Community Leaders; Coaching + Consultation
    • Students Packages
    • Young Leaders Packages
    • Youth Programs
    • Mentoring and Grooming of High School, College, Varsity and all Tertiary Students.
    • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Excel Leadership Coaching